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Group 2 Fabrics






Aloe Berry
Aloe Blue
Aloe Caramel
Aloe Grey
Azahar Berry
Azahar Blue
Azahar Caramel
Azahar Grey
Field of Dreams
Heavy Grindle Bark
Heavy Grindle Brandy
Heavy Grindle Linen
Heavy Grindle Sepia
Heavy Grindle Storm
Heavy Grindle Surfside
Kent Cream
Kent Graphite
Kent Mist
Kent Ruby
Kent Sage
Kent Shadow
Lancaster Gold
Lancaster Platinum
Lancaster Sand
Lily Red
Lily Sugarplum
Lily Yellow
Lourdes Antique Red
Margaret Red
Margaret Sugarplum
Non-Stop Bluebell
Non-Stop Sandstone

Samanta Coral Crimson
Samanta Ocean
Samanta Slate
Siam Basket
Siam Feather
Siam Midnight
Siam Mocha
Siam Navy
Tiffany Khaki
Tiffany Sand
Yorkshire Beige
Yorkshire Silver
Yorkshire Sky


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